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Don’t Let Your Home be the 1 in 5!

What are the chances of a termite attack? You may have seen the adverts on TV about brick built homes being termite proof. Well, the bricks may well be, but we’ve seen many a cavity in brick constructed homes with termite damage to floors, architraves and wardrobes. Of course there are other factors that can make your house more susceptible to termite attack, including…

  • Increased moisture around and under your home
  • Construction faults that allow termites hidden, easy access
  • Leaks from the bathroom, laundry and kitchen

What are the chances of a termite attack? Do you know if your home suffers from these problems?

Most homeowners have building and contents insurance to protect against fire, flood and natural disaster. But here’s the rub – the chances of your home being attacked by termites is more than 12x greater than your home being damaged by fire… and termite damage is not covered by your home insurance! For most people, the family home is their biggest investment – not having regular termite inspections and a termite management plan is a big mistake.

Still not convinced? Check out these facts…

  • 80% of all Australian homes are withing 25m of a termite nest
  • Termites attack around 140,000 homes in Australia each year – that’s 1 home in every 150!!
  • It’s not just old homes that get attacked – the CSIRO report hat 1 in 5 homes will experience a termite problem within the first 5 years of construction!


A comprehensive Termite Inspection from Home Integrity inspects for termite activity and termite damage, as well as environmental conditions and building faults that increase the likelihood of a termite attack. The chances of a termite attack are much higher than you think. Don’t play Russian roulette with your home!

For peace of mind call Home Integrity today to book your comprehensive termite inspection. So to get a “Health Check” for your home just give us a call at Home Integrity and we’ll be around to carry out a comprehensive pest inspection Perth. What is a pest inspection? Click here to find out more.