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The Importance of Progress Building Inspections During a Building Boom

Why do you need progress building inspections? You’ve done your research; you picked a highly qualified and respected Perth builder. Why spend that extra cash?

Western Australia is experiencing one of its biggest building booms on record while struggling with price hikes, and trade and material shortages. Even the best of the best is struggling to keep up. This is an opportune time for quality control to lapse and your build to suffer.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) recently acknowledged this unprecedented time in its “Building a home in challenging times” publication. According to DMIRS;

  •  36,155 dwellings were approved in WA between June 2020 and March 2022 (Source: ABS March 2022)
  • 70% of dwellings approved between June 2020 – December 2021 are still to be complete (Source: DMIRS survey of largest local governments)
  • Cost of materials used in housing construction across Australia increased by 4.2% during March 2022 quarter (Source: ABS March 2022)
  • Cost of materials used in housing construction in WA is up 15.4% since March 2021 (Source: MBAWA 2022)
  • 98% of builders surveyed are experiencing significant supply chain issues (Source: HIA WA member survey)

With everyone under such pressure, it’s inevitable there may be quality Issues and project delays.

Progress building inspections by independent building inspectors are so important, especially in times of industry distress like this. It gives the builder and the client a chance to regroup, review the current stage of construction and fix any issues before the next stage is started.



An inspection held at the critical stages of your construction process.

Your building project is set up in 4 – 7 different stages. For a single storey – concrete slab, plate height, roof frame and practical completion. With a second storey add suspended slab and an additional plate height and roof frame before practical completion (PC).

These are good intervals to conduct building inspections. This is your chance to make sure any complications with your build are dealt with before construction moves any further.

Building Inspectors review the build and report back on any areas of concern. You can then address these with your builder before you move on to the next stage of construction.

Inspection reports should be in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0.

Home Integrity inspectors are all registered builders with years of experience in the residential construction industry. They know how to liaise with builders in a language they understand, which is critical when rectification works are required.

“Very clear reports that found the issues in the build that I would have never found, quick turn around time after inspection and very easy to organise each inspection.” Cameron, Alkimos

For further information on our progress building inspections and pricing click here or contact one of our wonderful team on (08) 8375 8130 or email admin@homeintegrity.com.au.



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