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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist Australia

We have discussed the importance of ongoing property maintenance previously, but here are the key parts of your home that are needed in the summer months.

The temperature is already starting to rise so before we start seeing too many consecutive + 30C days, it is time for your summer home maintenance to start.


7 Summer Home Maintenace Tips


  1. Deep clean the exterior. Summer brings strong gusty afternoon sea breezes. Strong wind can pick up dry sand and dust from around your home and blow it inside. Sweeping up early outside will go a long way to make ongoing dusting and cleaning inside much easier.
  2. Clean gutters and cut back overhanging trees. Usually, you would see this on a winter maintenance list, but this is also relevant in Summer to protect your home during the bushfire season. With less-flammable leaf matter and branches around your home, you are reducing the fuel load for potential fires. Bonus Fire Safety Tip – test your smoke alarms!
  3. Fire up the reticulation. With summer here now it is time to run the reticulation and ensure all sprinklers are operating correctly and reaching all areas of the garden. Also, you may have to reprogram your automatic timer to suit your ON days based on your location and house number. Check out the Water Corporation website for your watering days.
  4. Clean Windows and Repair Flyscreens. Ensure the window seals around your home are tight and functioning correctly and your flyscreens are not damaged. This helps to keep the cool air in, and the warm air and bugs out!
  5. Ceiling Fans. Did you know you can change the direction of your ceiling fan? Changing it to spin counterclockwise will push the air straight down creating a nice cool breeze. There will be a little switch on the side of the fan above the blades so switch this. Whilst you are up there, make sure you dust down the blades before you send dust flying into the air!
  6. Service your air-conditioner. If you have an Evaporative system, it is time to turn on the water supply, remove the winter cover, clean out the sump and wash down the pads. Reverse Cycle systems simply involves cleaning the return air filter with a vacuum cleaner.
  7. Book a Building Maintenance Property Inspection. If you need a hand to establish an appropriate maintenance regime for your property, the Home Integrity Building Maintenance Report is perfect. The Building Maintenance Report includes inspection of an extensive list of both structural and non-structural building elements to your home and around the property. The report also includes a budget estimate and prioritisation of when items should be actioned.

If you would like a Building Maintenance Report, we can take care of everything fast. Contact the office on (08) 8374 8130 or email admin@homeintegrity.com.au.