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Major Structural Defect Strikes Fear into the Hearts of Buyers

Any Major Structural Defect can strike fear into the hearts of buyers, sellers, and agents. But none can cause more concern than a large crack in the wall or a sinking floor. If not addressed with a Structural Engineer Report, cracking and subsidence issues have the potential to stop Sales Contracts in their tracks. Many Perth building inspectors can be more alarmist when it comes to reporting on simple/common defects. This can sometimes be because of their qualifications and/or their limited exposure and experience of building defects and how to correctly diagnose the problem. This is more common than you may think. The discovery of structural cracking and subsidence issues shouldn’t stop you from submitting an offer and buying your dream home. In many cases, a cost-effective solution can be found by undertaking a Structural Engineer Report.

Yes, there is a solution!

Getting the right advice in a timely manner is key to resolving any issues.

If you have cracking, subsidence or any other more complex Structural Defects, the following options are available:

  1. Building Structural Inspections with practical advice.
  2. Engineering Structural Inspections with detailed and cost-effective rectification solutions.

However, usually for the more complex issues, the solution would require the involvement of a Structural Engineer with extensive hands-on and practical building knowledge.

Home Integrity has Glen Webster, a Civil/Structural Engineer on staff who is also a Registered Builder. He can inspect and clearly explain issues, design an appropriate remediation strategy and provide details for relevant specialist trades to undertake remediation scope.

In this building to the above our structural engineer was able to design remedial works to fix the defect with minimal cost and impact, providing a Structural Engineer Report.

Need Help?

At Home Integrity, our purpose is to ease your concerns and solve your problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. If you require any of the above services or further information please click here or phone the team on 0420 803 292.