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Pre Purchase Pool Inspection Perth

Pre Purchase Pool Inspections in Perth

When buying a home in Perth, a Building & Pest Inspection is common practice. But if you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool and you want to avoid costly repair bills in the future, it is equally as important to get the pool, its equipment and safety barrier inspected.

A Pool Inspector who is an experienced pool builder, and SPASA accredited, is the best person to complete an inspection of the pool, its equipment, and safety barrier.

A Pool Inspector will be able to identify potentially costly issues. Some of these issues may need to be attended to by the seller under the “Good Working Order Warranty” if included in your contract of sale

Pool & Spa Safety Barriers

A pool inspection should not only cover the functionality and structure of the pool itself, but also the surrounding safety barriers.

In WA, a pool or spa that contains water greater than 300mm deep must have a compliant barrier installed (as per the Building Act 2011 and the Building Regulations 2012) that restricts access by young children. Whilst local government carry out checks, these are only done roughly every 4 years. A lot can change in that time!

Forty children under the age of five drowned in Western Australia in the decade between 2003 and 2013. (Source: Royal Lifesaving Society WA – Keep Watch10 year Review of Drowning Data).

During our inspections we often see outdoor furniture or pot plants pushed up against pool fences which enables children to easily climb a fence and have access to the pool. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Our Pool Inspection Reports will highlight any areas of concern and/or non-compliance with respect to the pool safety barrier.

Structure & Equipment Inspection

In addition to the safety barriers, the pool structure itself will form part of the inspection. Whether constructed from Fibreglass, Concrete or Vinyl Lined, the report will comment on the overall condition of the pool with respect to its age and report on and visible damage and deterioration.

A pool inspection will highlight issues associated with the pool equipment. Some of these issues may need to be attended to by the seller under the “Good Working Order warranty” if included in your contract for sale. These may include:

  • Skimmer Box
  • Main Drain
  • Underwater Lights
  • Water Leveller
  • Pump
  • Filter, Valves, Returns and Fittings
  • Chlorinator/Controller
  • Heater
  • Water Features
  • Equipment (I.e., scoop, vacuum, auto cleaners, cover etc)

A comprehensive swimming pool inspection report will, ensure peace of mind, and provide guidance as to repairs that will be required. The last thing you want is faulty pool equipment resulting in a green pool a few days after settlement!

Home Integrity’s Pool Inspector is an experienced pool builder, and SPASA accredited. If you would like Home Integrity to arrange a pool, equipment and safety barrier inspection for a home you are buying, click here or contact us on 08 8375 8130 or email admin@homeintegrity.com.au today!