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Why most Building Inspections include Limitations and Access Restrictions

Having a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection completed in Perth Western Australia in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1, by a WA Registered Builder gives home buyers confidence, knowing they have made an informed decision.

Most of the time, the Building Inspector can complete the scope of the inspection as required to the agreed areas without encountering any limitations to everyone’s satisfaction.

However, due to the limited physical space and inherent nature of roof void and sub-floor areas, these areas can be subject to some form of limitation or access issue.

Almost all Roof Voids and Sub-Floor areas will present with limitations or access restrictions. Known access restrictions are typical to most residential homes and are listed in the inspection agreement. It is a requirement of AS 4349.1 that any limitations discovered during the inspection are also recorded in the report.

When an access issue is identified to either the sub-floor and/or roof void area the inspector will report the access issue as either “No Access” or “Restricted Access” and list the reason why there are restriction(s).

Access Restrictions and Limitations

Typical reasons for access restrictions/limitations to Roof Void areas:

  1. Access point not usable
  2. Airconditioning (concealing)
  3. Airconditioning (Physical Prevention)
  4. Foil Insulation
  5. Insulation
  6. Pitch
  7. Roof frame (including Steel Truss)
  8. Sarking
  9. Stored Goods (concealing)
  10. Stored Goods (Physical Prevention)
  11. Structure unsafe for entry

Typical reasons for access restrictions/limitations to Sub-Floor areas:

  1. Ducting
  2. Enclosed Foundation Area
  3. Height
  4. Insulation to Underside of Flooring
  5. Locked
  6. Plumbing
  7. Stored Goods

Has the area been inspected?

If No Access is listed on your report, then the area was not inspected due to one or more of the above reasons. The Inspector may recommend access is gained and an additional inspection is required.

If Restricted Access is listed on your report, it is important to understand that it does not necessarily mean there is or isn’t an issue with that area. What it does translate to is that the inspector has made a reasonable visual assessment of that area within the limitations identified.

With Restricted Access situations, if the inspector identifies a reason to remove the limitation and complete additional inspection(s), the inspector will make a recommendation in the report suggesting an additional inspection is required.

If an additional inspection is required there will be an additional charge for a new report.

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