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Replacing Your Roof Cover Perth

Things You Need to Consider When Upgrading Your Roof

When purchasing a new home in Perth, a pre-purchase structural inspection will assess the structural integrity of the roof structure of the home.  

Often when purchasing an older home, alterations, additions and possibly even the replacement of the roof cover has been carried out. In many cases, these improvements likely played a large part in you choosing your future home.  

Whilst it may look great, you also need to be confident that the work has been carried out correctly. 

Do I need a Building Permit to Change My Roof?

Firstly, when your roof cover has been changed from one material to another, engaging a builder or engineer is key to ensure the roof structure has been modified for the changes in loads.  

Secondly, when changing your roof cover to a lighter or heavier material, you will likely require a building permit with your Local Government.  

The builder who worked on this project should have submitted an application for you as they are responsible for ensuring the work complies with the building standards, plans and specifications.  

Even if a building permit was not required, the owner must ensure the building work complies with the applicable building standards. 

Replacing a roof is not a DIY job! 

A recent article on the trade website HiPages said “Due to the safety implications and specialist skills required, re-roofing is not recommended as a DIY project. Only a qualified roofing contractor has the equipment and skill needed to do the job right.” 

When re-roofing has been or is to be carried out, the following scenario’s must be assessed: 

  1. Roof cover replacement with like for like – The roof structure should be inspected to ensure it has not deteriorated over time (i.e., sagging evident) and is performing adequately. 
  2. When replacing with a heavier material (eg Tin to tile) – additional structural members and supports will likely need to be installed/upgraded to hold the extra weight 
  3. When replacing with a lighter material (eg Tile to tin) – tie-downs need to be installed/checked to ensure the new roof does not blow away. 

Item 3 is the most common scenario with tin roofing growing in popularity over the last 20 years or more. Unfortunately, it is common to find homes that have been re-roofed with Tin/Colorbond sheeting and where tie-downs have not been considered or installed. This can be a Major Structural Defect 


Roof Replacement Missing Tiedowns
Missing Tiedowns
Example: No tie-downs were visible to the perimeter walls and roof frame connections which was required when the roof was converted from tiles to metal.


Next Steps

Whilst it is certainly easier to install additional tie-downs during a re-roofing project, if they have not been installed, in most cases a cost-effective solution can be found.

If this is discovered during one of our pre-purchase structural inspections or a defect inspection, retrofitting of perimeter tie-downs and installation of additional strapping/brackets to suitably tie down your roof can be recommended. 

At Home Integrity, our focus will be to ease your concerns and solve your problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  

They found defects in the roof that potentially could of cost me thousands of dollars down the track if it wasn’t for these guys.” – Peta, High Wycombe  

If you would like a quote for an inspection on a home you are buying, click here and you will get an instant price on our complete range of services.  Alternatively, please call our Booking Team on (08) 8375 8130 and they will be more than happy to assist with your quote.