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If you are buying a home in Perth, WA having a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is essential to ensure you get a clear understanding of the condition of the home and property, and to satisfy any Building Inspection Conditions e.g., REIWA Major Structural Defects Condition Annexure.

For some people, deciding on the type of building inspection can be very confusing and difficult, as many building inspection companies offer a variety of building inspections. And with so many inclusions and exclusions, it can be like comparing Apples with Oranges.

Some building inspections companies offer a basic service which might include just the building structure, while others may offer a more comprehensive service and include non-structural elements and checking electrical, plumbing and gas fixtures and fittings.

Deciding on the best inspection service that satisfies not only your own requirements but also the Building Inspection Condition Annexure is key to feeling comfortable when making such a huge investment.


Essential or Comprehensive?


You only get one shot at getting the building inspection right, and getting it right starts with inserting conditions into the contract that satisfy your concerns and requirements.  

Some buyers are just happy to know there are no structural issues on the home they are buying and use the standard REIWA Building Condition, while others might prefer a more comprehensive inspection and choose a “due-diligence” type condition. Or you may wish to insert your own “special conditions”. 

There are pros and cons for all types of Building Inspection Conditions which can depend on property type, age, location, size, and market conditions. If you are unsure of what condition to use you should seek expert advice.


Something for Everyone


Regardless of whether you choose to use the standard REIWA building condition, a due-diligence type condition, or add in your own special conditions, Home Integrity have the most comprehensive suite of building inspections services to suit all buyers in Western Australia.

All Home Integrity Structural Building Reports comply with Australian Standard 4349.1 Pre-Purchase Building Inspections and satisfy the REIWA Major Structural Defects Building Condition.

The Structural Pre-Purchase Building Inspection identifies Major Structural Defects to the Structural Elements of the home. i.e., footings, floor, load-bearing walls, roof/ceiling frame and retaining walls associated with the main residential building.

Home Integrity’s Structural Plus Pre-Purchase Building Inspection in addition to an inspection of the Structural elements also includes an inspection of some important non-structural elements like the roof exterior and stormwater drainage. Plus, using specialized testing equipment we will inspect interior walls adjacent shower recesses for high moisture content. Water ingress issues can cause significant damage and expense, and these additional checks provide increased peace of mind.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive inspection available, then the Structural Premium inspection will suit you. It includes all items in the Structural Plus inspection, but also an extensive list of non-structural building elements to the residential building and around the property. Included but not limited to, internal cabinets, doors & windows, tiling, ceiling, insulation, all retaining walls, paths, fences, and other structures on the site like patios are also inspected.

The Structural Premium Building Inspection includes a second report that complies with Australian Standard 4349.0 Inspection of Buildings and satisfies the requirement of the REIWA Gas and Electrical or “Good Working Order” annexure. This report identifies Major defects to Electrical, Plumbing and Gas fixtures and fittings.

Ultimately the building report alone does not obligate the seller to rectify issues unless the report is supported by a building inspection condition as part of the contract.

Major Structural Defects are highlighted on the summary page for all Structural reports, plus the number and location of RCD’s and smoke alarms are also recorded to assist with statutory requirements.


“Great detail to attention and everything summed up very nicely including recommendations and calling us after the inspection to let us know how the inspection went.” Anmol, Currambine


Home Integrity are also qualified and experienced to conduct Timber Pest (Termite), and Swimming Pool inspections all at the same time, saving you time and money. If you need a Pre-Purchase Inspection, we can take care of everything fast. Email us at admin@homeintegrity.com.au, or call the team on (08) 8375 8130.