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Pre Purchase Building Inspections Perth

Having a building inspection completed by an experienced independent Building Inspector on your new home as it is being built is the best way to ensure a high standard of workmanship is achieved, by identifying issues and having them fixed as they arise.

Once you have moved in and started living in your new home you may notice additional issues arising.

Therefore, it is a requirement for Builders to complete maintenance at the end of the Defects Liability Period (DLP). The DLP is stated in the Building Contract (generally 4 months) and starts from the date of Practical Completion.

Notification needs to be in writing to the builder, and within the Defects Liability Period. It’s normal to have maintenance issues arise due to various factors like:

  • Building settlement – e.g., appearance cracking to ceiling cornice. Cracking to control joints. Cracking to tile grout. Hairline cracking to masonry walls.
  • Operation of fixtures and fittings – e.g., loose taps and accessories, cracking to set plaster around sliding doors and windows. Cabinet doors and drawers may need adjusting.
  • Differential movement (expansion and contraction) due to thermal/seasonal change. Timber doors and windows may need trimming/adjusting. Timber floors may require additional filler to control and/or expansion joints.

As you can see there are lots of building elements subject to maintenance, many which may require specific measuring and checking against allowable tolerances.

But how does the average homeowner know what constitutes a defect? Or if building work has been completed in a proper and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the contract? Or if the supply of materials is of “merchantable quality” and reasonably fit for the purpose required.

The solution is to have a Defect Liability Report completed by an experienced independent Building Inspector on your behalf, who understands workmanship standards and what constitutes a defect in accordance with your contract and Home Building Contracts Act of 1991.

The Defect Liability Report will clearly identify where the defects are, why they are defects and most importantly what rectification needs to happen to fix them.

A Defect Liability Report includes photos, making it clear and easy for the builder to remedy any defects.

If you need assistance with ensuring you get the most out of your Defect Liability period, please get in touch with our team either by phone on (08) 8374 8130 or email admin@homeintegrity.com.au