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Home Integrity have forged a relationship with Wheelchairs for Kids, a project sponsored by the Rotary Club of Scarborough, WA and supported by the Christian Brothers. This project gives children all over the world the chance to feel the freedom of mobility and often easing the burden on their carers. 

Wheelchairs Donated by Home Integrity

According to United Nations World Health estimates, wheelchairs are desperately needed around the world for millions of severely disabled children throughout under-resourced countries of the world. Wheelchairs For Kids (WFK) is an organisation whose mission is to manufacture and distribute wheelchairs to some of these children assisting them with the means to raise them off the ground from where they are presently confined, and gain a new level of freedom and mobility.

Many wheelchairs are actually needed, but every one supplied by Wheelchairs For Kids makes an enormous difference for one needy child.

Earlier this year, Home Integrity donated their 500th wheelchair since this partnership began in August 2019. This initiative is possible as for EVERY referral of a pre-purchase inspection received, Home Integrity donate to towards this incredible cause.

Wheelchairs For Kids is made up of a group of retired volunteer members of the Perth metropolitan community in Western Australia. It is a totally volunteer based organisation with no paid staff.

It is financed entirely from funds donated by members of the community, many different philanthropic individuals, businesses, clubs, schools, and government bodies.

Approximately 340 wheelchairs are produced every month (approximately 3,550 per year) and they are then distributed worldwide to these needy children. These wheelchairs are locally designed specifically to conform with World Health Organisation guidelines. They are built specially for rough terrain, adjustable for the child’s size, with postural supports, head rest, harness, a waterproof cushion, tray, tool kit, plus a knee rug, and a knitted toy.

On delivery of the chairs to the receiving sites, agency and hospital personnel, therapists and individuals are involved in providing therapy in the field to ensure each ‘chair is correctly adjusted and fitted to the receiving child to ensure they are comfortable in their new chair.

For every $200 donated in support of the Wheelchairs For Kids program, a child gains a new wheelchair giving him or her this new experience of freedom of mobility for the first time in their life, and often easing the burden for personal carers. If you would like to donate, please visit the Wheelchairs For Kids website.