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how much does a building inspection cost?

The cost of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection in Perth can vary for several reasons, in much the same way prices vary on the cost of a new TV.

A large feature-packed name brand TV like Samsung or Sony with a 2-year warranty will set you back more when compared to a smaller generic brand like Kogan or a TLC TV with a short 6-month warranty.

The same can be said for costs relating to Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Perth as, a number of building elements (features), inspector’s experience/qualifications (name brand), and the extent of the inspector’s insurance (warranty) will all dramatically affect the cost of a building inspection.

Below you will find a list of our Pre-Purchase Inspections along with inspection costs.

Structural Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Perth Building Inspector inside roof space


Our essential, entry-level Structural Pre-purchase inspection satisfies the requirements of the REIWA Australian Standard Major Structural Defects Building Condition. The inspection scope is for Structural Defects to the residential building structure. i.e., footings, floor(s), exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling frame, roof frame and any retaining walls associated with the main residence. We also check for smoke alarms and RCDs.


Structural Plus Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Perth building inspector on ladder inspecting roof


Our Structural Plus Pre-Purchase inspection is the most popular and has all the inclusions the standard Structural inspection has, but we also check the roof exterior for major defects to identify any potential roof leaks, issues with stormwater drainage and surface water drainage.

Using specialized testing equipment, we also moisture test interior walls adjacent to shower recesses to check for high moisture readings to identify leaking showers, a typical cause of unhealthy mould and damage to surrounding finishes.


Structural Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Perth Building inspector subfloor pre purchase inspection


The Structural Premium Inspection is our most comprehensive inspection and includes two reports.

This Pre-Purchase Building Report Provides total visibility across the whole of the property, filling you with confidence all building elements have been checked.

The first report includes all items in the Structural Plus inspection and a comprehensive inspection including, but not limited to non-structural elements like cabinets, doors & windows, tiling, ceilings, all retaining walls, paths, fences, and other structures on the site like patios and pergolas.

The second report satisfies the requirement of the REIWA Gas and Electrical or “Good Working Order” annexure. Major defects to Electrical, Plumbing and Gas fixtures and fittings, are recorded in this report. This report advises the seller of what electrical, plumbing and gas items need to be fixed prior to settlement. For a full list of inclusions and pricing please click here.


Timber Pest (Termite) Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


Live Termites found in Perth Home during Pre Purchase Inspection


The Timber Pest Inspection or Termite Inspection is a popular inspection that you will have completed with your Structural Pre-Purchase inspection as you will appreciate knowing if the house you are buying has any timber pest activity and/or damage. When completed with a Structural Pre-Purchase Inspection the cost is only an additional $195 inc GST.


Good Working Order Inspection


Good Working Order Inspection in Perth Home


A Good, Working Order report is included with the Structural Premium inspection but can be also added to your Structural or Structural Plus Pre-Purchase Inspection at a discounted rate if completed at the same time. This report lets your seller know what electrical, plumbing and gas items to fix prior to settlement which will make your Pre-Settlement Inspection a breeze.


Swimming Pool & Safety Barrier Inspection


Swimming Pool Pre Purchase Inspection Perth


Trust your pool inspection to our experienced pool builder, not the local pool cleaning shop. Our specialised swimming pool/spa inspection covers the pool, pool equipment including heating and inspection of the safety barriers keeping your family safe. The pool equipment in most contracts is included in the Good Working Order Annexure which means any issues identified in the reports can be passed onto the seller for action prior to settlement.

Regardless of what Pre-Purchase Inspection you decide to have completed you can rest assured the scope of all Home Integrity inspections have been designed to not only bring you peace-of-mind and clarity for what may be your biggest investment, but also at a price to suit all buyers.

All Home Integrity Pre-Purchase Building inspections are carried out by experienced, qualified Registered Builders who carry all full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

“Home Integrity was so helpful. They were quick to respond and booked us in quickly. The inspectors were very through and the reports were easy to understand. Overall we were very happy with Home Integrity.” Lorena, Karrinyup

If you need a pre-purchase building inspection, we can take care of everything fast. Email us at admin@homeintegrity.com.au, or call the team on (08) 8375 8130.