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With pre-purchase building inspections in Perth, we understand it can be frustrating or even worrying when your building inspection report comes back with some sort of restrictions and/or limitations. Things like, “no access to roof void area” or “inspection to garage was limited due to stored household items”. Restrictions like this may leave you concerned that the inspector didn’t completed a thorough inspection of the property.

When it comes to older homes with framed timber floors, not having access to the sub-floor area to check for Termite Activity and / or Structural damage can leave uncertainty in the mind of a buyer.

The garage is often a popular spot to store the buyer’s household items when they are “decluttering” their home for home opens. Stored furniture and other household items may restrict the area that the inspector can access to complete a thorough inspection.

As you can imagine, all homes are different, and will have some sort of restriction / limitation for the inspector to work around. But this can be minimised. During the home open or second viewing inspection, take note of any potential restrictions. Ask the agent the following questions so they can check with the seller to ensure you have a building inspection completed with the inspector viewing building elements as unrestricted as possible.

  1. Are there roof void and / or sub-floor areas that need to be accessed?
  2. Is there clear access around the building?
  3. Do the occupier’s household items and/or furniture obstruct access to any areas?
  4. Is the manhole opening to the roof void 400mm x 500mm and accessible from a 1.8m ladder?
  5. Does the roof void and / or the sub-floor area allow for a crawl space of 600mm x 600mm?
  6. Is there access to the sub-floor area? Does any furniture need to be moved? Is the trap sealed?

By the seller preparing the property for inspection based on the above points, the restrictions and limitations can be minimized resulting in a more complete and thorough inspection. If a return visit is required due to an access issue, you, the client, maybe be charge a fee.

Buyers who are proactive and ask the right questions about
accessing all areas get the best results.

For more information on access issues, restrictions and limitations in relation to the Australian Standard 4349.1 Pre-Purchase Building Inspections and how they may affect your inspection please refer to WA’s largest industry association of Building Inspectors, InspectWA. Here you will find a bunch of useful information:

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