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Expert Advice to Homeowners on Identifying the Causes of Movement in a Building


Noticed some Cracks in Your Brickwork?


Having a thorough and accurate pre-purchase building inspection in Perth is the first step to gaining some understanding about your property and possibly the largest investment you will ever make.  

Buildings can and often do move. Movement can be rotational, lateral or up and down. Fundamentally, the movement of buildings can be related to one or more problems in the foundation soil itself or the impact from surrounding conditions.  

A thorough Pre-purchase building inspection completed by an experienced Registered Builder will document cracks of concern as major defects and make note of appearance cracking to be repaired as part of general maintenance.  

Understanding the difference between the two is extremely important to make an informed decision when buying a home. 

It’s especially important for homeowners to identify the type of soil their home is built upon. By obtaining this information, you can begin to determine the action that must be taken, ensuring that problems with the foundation soil can be dealt with correctly.  

No matter the age or location of your home, cracks of concern should be investigated and the underlying issues resolved, to protect your home against ongoing and further building movement. 

People often get foundation and footing definitions incorrect or interchange them. Just to be clear, the foundation of the house is the soil or material whether it be clay, sand or rock that the building is built on. The footings are part of the building structure that directly interface with the foundation and support the building structure above. E.g. concrete strip footing, isolated pad footing, etc 

House Foundations  House Footings

In addition to the soil classification, other factors that will greatly impact on foundation performance are trees, shrubs and vegetation, stormwater drainagethe slope of the and, related retaining wall issues and compaction All these factors play a significant role in foundation performance.  

All properties are unique in terms of how these factors inter-relate with the structures built on the site and understanding the relationship between these factors can greatly assist with maintaining your foundation. Future problems with your foundations can be alleviated with this knowledge. 

The scientists at the CSIRO have produced BT18 which is a guide for homeowners to assist with maintaining their foundation regardless of the soil type, vegetation or stormwater drainage.  

There are lots of helpful recommendations and diagrams to assist with planning your landscaping (hard and soft) and stormwater drainage to best suit your property, your home and foundation material. 

Like I mentioned earlier, a thorough Pre-purchase building inspection completed by an experienced Registered Builder will document cracks of concern as major defects and make note of appearance cracking to be repaired as part of general maintenance.  

And, understanding the difference between the two is extremely important to make an informed discussion when buying a home. 

In addition to all Home Integrity Inspectors being experienced WA Registered Builders, one of the Directors is a Structural Engineer, who can assist when required. 

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