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A Dilapidation Report Perth is of upmost importance when your property has been affected by surrounding construction works. If you are experiencing issues (e.g. cracking) with your home as a consequence of surrounding works, you are entitled to have these issues resolved/repaired. The problems arise when you do not have a Dilapidation Report and you have no evidence of damage that can be compared to any additional damage at the end of neighbouring works.

So, What is a Dilapidation Report?

A dilapidation report is a comprehensive statement of the current condition of a property prior to nearby construction work, excavation or demolition. Ideally, a Dilapidation Inspection takes place before any work commences, to get a true indication of the condition of the property. This should include measurements, photos and diagrams that set a baseline state of a property BEFORE construction work is done. They are normally signed by both the owner of the property and the and contractor that is about to start work.

Dilapidation Reports Perth Building Inspections

The cracking in the photo may or may not be able to be attributed to neighbouring construction work, the key is to have evidence prior to works starting as baseline evidence.

Any works undertaken on surrounding properties or even on the roads and drainage at the front of your home have the potential to damage your property.

Demolition, excavation and compaction works shake the ground and can cause cracking and other possible structural damage.  The closer or larger the works, the more chance for significant damage to your home.

Ideally the builder has approached you and asked to identify current issues with your property before they start work (this is a Dilapidation Report). You should then undertake your own, independent inspection and this is where Home Integrity can help by providing a report that comply with the Australian Standard (AS 4349. 1).

Without this document, proving that any cracking/damage to your property was caused by neighbouring works and were not a pre-existing issue can be frustrating and difficult. It is never too late to undertake a Building Inspection to document the condition, however the earlier the better as no doubts may be cast as to the cause.

A Dilapidation Report is a report on the condition of your home at a specific time. They are normally undertaken prior to works being undertaken on surrounding properties and are just as useful for the builders as they are for homeowners.

Reports include photos and descriptions of existing damage to the property before surrounding building works have started. This includes:

  • Cracking to floors, walls and ceiling
  • Evidence of cracking/subsidence to both the residence and surrounding paving/hard landscaping.
  • Cracks to tiled areas
  • Movement and cracking to retaining walls
  • Doors and window that may not operate smoothly
  • Movement and cracking to fencing

Ideally, the same inspection company will undertake a Dilapidation Report at the beginning of surrounding works and also on completion.  Evidence of any adverse effects on your home from surrounding works will then be easy to identify and can be presented to responsible parties.    

The clarity of this detailed record will certainly assist you in avoiding costly disputes and possibly even litigation, as a result of damage caused by neighbouring works undertaken by others.  

Dilapidation Reports Perth Building Inspections

In the retaining building above, impact from construction works to rear caused subsidence and cracking.  Given that no Dilapidation Report was undertaken (and the older age of the retaining wall), sadly there was no opportunity to have this wall repaired.


If you need a Dilapidation Report we can take care of everything fast. Get in touch here, or contact the team at Home Integrity directly on 0420 803 292 or via email to admin@homeintegrity.com.au as we’ll be more than happy to help you be on the front foot!