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When it comes to new home building inspections in Perth, it could be about a number of different things. The term normally refers to the inspections that are carried out at various stages of the construction to make sure that everything’s being done right, and in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the relevant Australian Standards.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong even if small things are overlooked at any stage of the construction. These faults that are neglected during the construction process can wreak untold havoc on the house. Even if your builder is an expert who is normally diligent and careful, there are chances that something may go wrong.

Home inspections in Perth by qualified home inspectors are crucial to ensure that your home is built in accordance with the Australian building codes.

Here we’ve detailed different types of inspections performed in a new home building.

Handover / PCI Inspection

This type of inspection is performed when you don’t want to check all stages of your new home but make sure you got what you paid for. Then, your home inspector can complete a building inspection and building report on your behalf before hand over. They also make sure that your home building is built in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0. The report issued by your home inspector lists the defects that must be completed at practical completion. This report also includes different types of inspections performed on concrete slabs, brickwork, roof frame, roof exterior, windows, fire/safety, wall and floor tiling, plumbing or electrical, ceiling, walls, stairs, painting, cabinets and fixing carpentry, home exterior and more.

Apartment Inspection

This is a complete and comprehensive inspection specifically designed for new and existing Apartments to check whether they are built in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard 4349.1. This includes inspections performed in interior areas such as floors, walls and ceilings, doors and frames, metal and/or timber windows, and exterior areas such as balconies.

Slab Inspection

Slab inspection is the most important inspection during construction because the entire load of the house sits on the slab. Your new concrete slab can cause major structural defects is it fails, and these defects include cracking in external walls, cracking in internal walls, cornice, and ceilings, cracking in floor tiles and wall tiles and sticking and jamming of windows and doors, etc.

Plate Height Inspection

It is very important to check whether the window and door frames are installed in the correct location. This inspection ensures that room dimensions and openings are of similar size to approved plans and more.

Other types of Perth home building inspections are suspended slab inspection for double storey homes, roof frame inspections and more.

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