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Why water ingress will potentially become an issue.

Any water ingress to a building will potentially become an issue if allowed to continue.  One area of particular concern which is commonly found in Western Australian homes during building inspections is deterioration of the eaves due to water ingress. There is no hiding the fact this is happening, with visible mould, bubbling and peeling of paint and the eaves lining.

It is not just severe weather conditions that can cause this. If we have heavy rain, even for a short period, and the water is unable to flow away freely, it could back up into the eaves and roof space, and potentially into the wall cavity. There is serious risk of electrical issues if water is coming into contact with the electrics within the wall cavity or roof space.

If gutters and downpipes are not kept free from debris and vegetation, the water has no means of escaping freely and ends up overflowing back into the eaves. There may not be an adequate number of downpipes for the roof size, and the capacity to carry the water away is insufficient. If a downpipe is connected directly to a soak well, once the soak well is full, it could back up into the eaves and cavities.

A building inspector will offer solutions to the problem!

A Building Inspection by a Registered Builder will be aware of such issues and provide a Building Inspection Report highlighting any issues. One easy solution to help the overflow issue is to drill a 35mm hole into the slayed section of the downpipe to act as an overflow release, as shown below.

The above is a scenario which has been observed during a particular building inspection by an experienced Home Integrity Building Inspector.  However, every situation is unique and your circumstances may differ. We would always recommend consultation with an experienced, qualified roof plumber to provide advice to resolve the issue.

A Home Integrity Registered Builder can also inspect and report on spas and swimming pools including safety barriers, arrange retrospective approvals on all structures by local Council and Shires, inspect and report for insurers to take out Home Owner Warranty Builders Warranty Insurance, Handover and Defects Building Inspection Reports, and Building Consulting.

If you would like more information on water ingress contact our office or visit our website for more information.