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Commercial Building Inspections

All our Commercial building Inspection Reports are written in plain English, and follow an easy to understand format. We will walk you through the important items in the Commercial building report and highlight any major defects and safety concerns. All Commercial building reports exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards 4349.0.

Our comprehensive Commercial Building Inspection will provide potential landlords the clarity they are seeking, on any type of commercial building, in any condition.

Knowing the short, medium and long term costs associated with owning a Commercial Building is essential for any potential landlord. All Commercial Building Inspection reports have budgets attached to each item requiring rectification. All items requiring rectification will be prioritized as to when the items should be repaired i.e. Low, medium or high priority.

A Commercial Building Inspection from Home Integrity will give you the confidence you are seeking, by making an informed decision. All commercial building inspections are thorough, accurate and reporting exceeds the requirements of the Australian Standards 4349.

A Commercial Building Inspection agreement as per Australian Standard 4349.0 will be sent to you prior to the inspection. The report(s) will be emailed to you shortly after the inspection and the inspector will call to discuss the inspection findings with you.

If there is a specific area or item you would like inspected and reported on, these can be added to the inspection scope. Additional fees may apply. To discuss alternative arrangements please phone 0420 803 292.

Commercial Building Inspections

The following items are included If applicable, and to safe accessible areas.

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