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Home Integrity Code of Conduct

We shall behave in a way that reflects the spirit of Home Integrity Values of Integrity, Empathy, Collaboration, Innovation and Enjoyment.

We shall act in an honest and integrous manner, at all times, in the best interests of our clients.

We shall do our utmost to avoid a conflict of interest and shall disclose a conflict of interest with a client as soon as that conflict becomes apparent.

We will not offer or receive commissions or payment from any party other than the client in conjunction with an inspection of a property.

We will not make an un-solicited offer to undertake remediation work identified and recommended in our reports.

We do not accept payment from a contractor for the referral of remediation work identified and recommended in our reports.

In addition to our own Code of Conduct, we adhere to association Codes including the InspectWA Code of Conduct, Strata Community Association Code of Conduct, Engineers Australia Code of Ethics and Master Builders Association Code of Ethics.

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