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Building Inspections and Electrical Safety

Did you know it is a legal requirement for trades to turn the mains power off before entering the roof space of any property? This includes inspectors completing pre-purchase building inspections in Perth, WA.

If you are buying an established home, an inspection of the roof void or ceiling space is an essential part of completing a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection.

Most electricity account holders have now likely received a letter from DMIRS – Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety explaining this requirement.

It’s a timely reminder to be vigilant around roof void access. There can be serious electrical hazards that pose a risk to anyone who enters the ceiling space.

If you are booking an inspection keep in mind, inspectors will need access to the main electrical switchboard and many are locked, requiring a key to open. If you are not at the property, make sure you have communicated access instructions to the inspector or agent prior to the site visit.

When an inspector cannot switch the power off it means they cannot access the roof void area. A return visit is required, and likely, an additional fee.

On top of this you have the timing constraints. The building boom is seeing wait times extend beyond cut off dates. It’s important to get inspections completed when booked.

Make sure your building inspector has access to the main electrical switchboard to avoid disappointment!

If you need a Building or Termite Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, we can take care of everything fast.

All our inspectors are experienced Registered Builders with full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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