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Building Inspections in Bunbury and South West WA

Building Inspections in Bunbury and South West WA

Building Inspection in Bunbury and the Southwest

Use Local – Building Inspection in Bunbury and South WA

Whether you are buying an existing home or building a new home in Bunbury and the surrounding Southwest WA towns, it is vital that you have a building inspection completed by an experienced, qualified building professional who understands this region.  

Home Integrity Building Consultants are WA’s leading Building Inspection company and can assist with an array of building inspections to ensure you are prepared for home ownership.  

Peter Andrews is a Bunbury local, and services the Southwest Region. This region includes from Preston Beach, East to Katanning and South to Augusta. Having been a builder in this region for several years, he understands the conditions and requirements to which homes should be built and maintained.  

Peter has over 18 years’ experience within the building industry, is a WA Registered Builder and is also a licensed electrician. He is available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and on weekends subject to availability. 

Home Integrity offer the full suite of building inspections in Bunbury and the Southwest region:

  • Structural Pre-Purchase Inspections 
  • Timber Pest / Termite Inspections 
  • Good Working Order Inspections 
  • Pre-Settlement Inspections 
  • Defect Inspections 
  • Dilapidation Inspections 
  • Commercial Inspections 
  • New Home Building Inspections 
  • Practical Completion Inspections 
  • Homeowner Warranty Inspections 
  • Defect Liability Inspections 
  • Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Plans 
  • Expert Witness Reports for Building Commission and SAT 

Pre-purchase inspection reports are emailed the same day as the inspection and are followed up with a phone call from the inspector to walk you through your report, so you clearly understand everything. 

All Home Integrity inspections are thorough, accurate and reporting exceeds the requirements of the Australian Standards 4349.0, AS 4349.1 AS 4349.3 and AS 3660.2.  

Home Integrity have a team of eleven inspectors that cover the Perth Metro, Peel and Southwest Region. All our inspectors are Registered Builders, qualified to report on Termites and Timber Pests, and have an abundance of practical experience in the building industry. 

We also have a team of admin superstars that work behind the scenes to ensure bookings are made efficiently and your questions are answered.  

I was fortunate enough to attend the inspection also and Peter was more than happy to advise on anything discovered etc. very happy with the service.Corey, South Bunbury

Thank you so much Home Integrity. Your service was excent and gave us peace of mind. Tracey, Dunsborough

If you would like a quote for an inspection on a home you are buying or building, click here. 

Our admin team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They can be reached on email admin@homeintegrity.com.au or you can contact them during office hours on 08 8375 8130. 


Resolving Faulty and Defective Workmanship by Your Builder

Resolving Faulty and Defective Workmanship by Your Builder

Resolving Faulty and Defective Workmanship by Your Builder

Building Inspections to help resolve building defects fast! 

Building your dream home can either be a very exciting time for you and your family, or an extremely stressful experience. Most of the time thankfully, when we do building inspections in Perthbuilders get it right and peoples dreams are realised. However, on the odd occasion things don’t go to plan, getting problems rectified by your builder in a timely manner can be frustrating and stressful if you don’t follow a definitive process.  

Many builders offer a lifetime structural warranty on homes they build, which is great. This warranty generally covers the structural elements of the building I.e. footings, ground slab, exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling frame and roof frame. But what about those other defects that aren’t associated with the building structure like roof leaks, window leaks, ceilings cracking, drummy tiles, sinking paving just to name a few. Few people realise that the Home Building Contract Act of 1991 obligates builders to rectify all faulty and defective workmanship for a period of 6 years after the date of practical completion.  

We understand conveying issues and problems with your home to your builder can be difficult to articulate in a manner that will get resolved in a timely fashion. Most people will reach for their smartphone, take a bunch of photos and draft an email to the best of their ability and send off to their builder with an expectation that their issues and problems will be promptly actioned.  

Most builders are great and have a dedicated maintenance division and can attend to issues in a timely manner. However, some may not be as responsive. 

Some homeowners, unfortunately, get the run around from their builder because the information they supply is not very clear and in a format the builder can easily interpret.  

To assist homeowners in having their faulty and defective workmanship actioned by their builder in a timely manner we developed a unique Defect Liability Report.

This Defect Liability Report captures faulty and defective workmanship in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0. The report details issues clearly and in a way that allows the builder to understand the location of the issue, the type of issue, why it is an issue and most importantly, what needs to be done about it.

We believe most builders want to do the right thing most of the time however, on the odd occasion your builder is not responding there is a clear, prescribed pathway through the Building Commission complaints process that will ensure an outcome.

The Building Commission’s process is very simple and involves 4 steps:

Building Complaint Procedure
Notice of Proposed Complaint Building Commission

You will be required to pay a fee to the Building Commission of $119 (current at 1st June 2021). The Building Commission will accept a valid complaint based on the nature of the complaint and the information provided. The Building Commission will make an assessment and/or send an inspector to site to further investigate.

In our experience successful complaints are accompanied by reports that clearly substantiate issues and problems with our client’s home. Considering the Building Commission may send out their own inspector, Home Integrity’s Defect Liability Report is the perfect evidence to accompany the Notice of Proposed Complaint to the Builder or Building Complaint to the Building Commission.  

“I’ve found the team at Home Integrity invaluable and helpful, navigating through some complex building industry issues. We have used other inspectors in the past but found Home Integrity’s professionalism and willingness to go that extra mile to get the job done is most rewarding.”
Petro, Building Manager

Where a valid claim has been made, a Building Remedy Order will be issued which will prescribe the action for each item the builder must take within a specified timeframe. Or if there is no action required by the builder the Building Commission may elect to dismiss the item and gives reasons as to why.

If you would like an expert in your corner to assist with this process, please call 08 8375 8130 or Contact Us and we can discuss your unique situation and the recommended path forward. 

4 Reasons to Inspect Your New Home Whilst Under Construction

4 Reasons to Inspect Your New Home Whilst Under Construction

Home Integrity Strata Wins SCAWA Services Award 2020


When building a new home in Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury or the Greater Southwest Region of Western Australia, there are opportunities to assess the quality of workmanship and construction while the home is under construction.

You may be patiently waiting for the final handover inspection to assess quality, however, this is often too late to conduct thorough checks.

Construction and workmanship issues can become obscured by tiling, roofing, plastering and floor treatments.

The issues these finishings may be hiding can potentially not surface for years to come.

Finding issues years down the track is a stressful experience for homeowners. Some Builder’s can be difficult to negotiate with, despite a legal requirement that they rectify faulty and defective work for up to 6 years after Practical Completion (Builder’s Warranty1).

The problem is that not all issues are clear cut.  Ambiguous issues may require hearing at the Building Commission of Western Australia, which will assess the issue and make a ruling on who should fix it.

Even if there is a decision in the Home Owner’s favour, they may be disrupted while rectification works are completed, particularly if they need to move out of the home during this period.

The truth is that getting construction and workmanship right the first time is the more effective (and less stressful) path.

This blog identifies the reasons why homeowners should take action proactively, while their home is under construction.


Four Reasons To Inspect While Under Construction


It’s harder to rectify issues once trades finish the job

At Handover (or Practical Completion), trades have already left the site and moved on to new jobs, potentially for different Builders.

My team regularly identifies issues at Practical Completion Inspections. So if you’re already nearing completion then I highly recommend you book one in. However, Staged Building Inspections are preferable as they offer an opportunity to identify issues early while they can be more readily fixed by the Builder’s tradespeople.


Its easier to see issues

It’s far easier to identify an issue you can see.  Once things are plastered or carpeted over, you’re not going to pull that carpet up or dig into the wall structure to assess issues.  You just have to hope that it was done right.

Staged Building Inspections occur at a time when issues are more easily seen, without disturbing the finishings.


Your build stays on track

It is more efficient to fix issues at the moment.

The example below was recently identified by my team, where the waste pipe for a freestanding bath was installed in the wrong position. This meant the bath would ultimately not fit the space.

Slab Incorrect Waste Pipe Location

Rectification of this issue involved jackhammering a section of the concrete slab and relocating the pipe. This is obviously much quicker and easier to do prior to the tiling of the bathroom.

Identifying issues such as these early keeps your build on track and is helpful for your Builder to know about. Most Builders are grateful when issues such as these are picked up early as it is far less costly to rectify.


Assessment of Rectification Work Can Take Place

If an issue is picked up at an earlier Staged Inspection, your Building Inspector can return at a subsequent inspection to assess the rectification work. This should put your mind at ease that the quality of the rectification work is sufficient.

At Home Integrity, our large team of qualified, registered builders are Perth’s most trusted building inspectors. You can see for yourself – check out the abundance of 5 star Google Reviews here.

If you’d like a quote for a Staged Building Inspection or Practical Completion Inspection, click here for an instant, online quote. Our team is also available to discuss your needs in greater detail on 08 8375 8130.

Ref 1 : Section 6 of the Building Services (Complaint Resolution and Administration) Act 2011

What Does a Building Inspection Cost in Perth?

What Does a Building Inspection Cost in Perth?

What does a building inspection cost in Perth


You’ve just purchased the home of your dreams and now you’re budgeting for the additional costs to complete the sale, such as a building inspection, settlement fees, insurances, removalists and more.

This blog demystifies the costs of having a building inspection completed in Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury or the Greater Southwest in Western Australia.

For a single-story home building inspection in Western Australia, prices vary greatly, from as little as $250 to as much as $1495.

With such a wide variance in price and the quality of service, you may become overwhelmed or frustrated when comparing alternatives.

In this state, you may lean toward ‘who has the cheapest price’, which is a dangerous way to make such an important decision.

You’re about to make one of the most important financial decisions of your life. It is important to choose an inspection company that will deliver a service you can trust.

In this blog, we break down the costs for each inspection you may need when buying a home in Perth.

5 Main Factors that Affect the Price of Your Building Inspection

There are a number of factors that affect the type and scope of the inspection, which changes what an inspector will charge for their services. Here, I break down the 5 main factors that affect the price of your inspection.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is a visual assessment of the structural and non-structural elements of the home for major defects. The structural elements generally consist of footings, ground slab or floor frame, exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling frame, roof frame and any retaining walls that are associated with the main residence. Non-structural elements (not usually included in a report of this nature) consist of ceilings, tiling and roof cover to name a few.

Expect to Budget: From $250 to $990 depending on the scope, inspector qualifications and size of the home.

At Home Integrity, our Structural Inspections start at $335. Each one of our building inspectors is a registered builder with Professional Indemnity Insurance, meaning our pricing is extremely competitive.

Timber Pest Inspection

A Timber Pest Inspection is a visual inspection for timber pest activity, damage and conducive conditions. Timber pests in Perth include termites, borers and wood decay fungi.

Expect to Budget: From $130 to $445 depending on the scope, inspector qualifications and size of the home.

At Home Integrity our Timber Pest Inspections are $220, however, when grouped with a Building Inspection they are just $195.

Pre Settlement Inspection

A Pre-Settlement Inspection involves a non-technical assessment of the electrical, plumbing and gas fixtures and fittings to ensure they are operating in “good working order”.

Expect to Budget: From $295 to $450 depending on the scope, inspector qualifications and size of the home.

At Home Integrity, our Pre Settlement Inspections start at $335, or when grouped with a Structural Inspection they are just $260.

Swimming Pool Inspections

A Swimming Pool Inspection includes operational checks and a visual inspection of the swimming pool or spa, pool equipment (including heating) and an inspection of the pool cover and safety barrier.

Expect to Budget: The local pool cleaning shop may conduct a basic inspection for as little as $75, whereas an experienced pool builder can charge up to $395.

At Home Integrity, our specialised pool consultant conducts a comprehensive pool inspection for $295.

Home Size

The size of the home can also be a factor in the cost of your building inspection, as the inspector is required to be on-site for a longer period of time. Some inspection companies charge more for larger homes or two-storey homes.

Expect to Budget: Some inspection companies in Perth charge per bedroom, while others apply additional surcharges for two-storey homes.

At Home Integrity, we believe we have the fairest system. We do not charge additional for two-storey homes however we do charge 30% extra for large homes over 450 sqm, to ensure the inspector has the appropriate amount of time to complete a thorough investigation. For smaller homes, such as one and two bedroom units, we offer a 30% discount.

At Home Integrity, our large team of qualified, registered builders are Perth’s most trusted building inspectors. You can see for yourself – check out the abundance of 5 star google reviews here.

If you’d like a quote for an inspection on a home you are buying, click here and you will get an instant price on our complete range of services to assist with your budgeting. You can also book and pay through our very simple, online process.



Home Integrity Strata Wins SCAWA Services Award 2020

Home Integrity Strata Wins SCAWA Services Award 2020

Home Integrity Strata Wins SCAWA Services Award 2020


Alongside excellent and deserving nominees, Home Integrity was thrilled to be announced the Strata Services Business 2020 Winner at the Strata Council Association of Western Australia (SCAWA) awards night in November.

Recognising our achievement for innovation and collaborative partnerships, the award recognised the hard work of our team over the course of 2020.


Changing history

The pandemic took everyone by surprise in 2020, and Home Integrity was not immune from the fallout. After managing our initial shock, and pivoting our business in several ways, we then came to see the unique opportunity before us to transform our business.

At the same time, the Strata Titles Regulations 2019 were released, and this caused much confusion in the industry, as strata communities wrestled with what it meant for their complexes.

It was through these turbulent times that Home Integrity identified new opportunities to service the strata community with a level of professionalism previously unseen in the area of building consulting.

Home Integrity Strata Winners 2020

Doubling down on strata

Despite many years in the strata space, we set about launching a dedicated strata division and new website and redefined our service delivery model for strata managers, owners and their communities.

Home Integrity finetuned our innovative service offering in the following areas:

  • Strata Condition Reports & 10-20 Year Maintenance Plans
  • Structural Engineering Consulting & Water Ingress Investigations
  • Defect Reports & Builder Warranty Claims
  • Expert Witness Reports for Building Commission & State Administrative Tribunal

Then, over the course of 2020, we also achieved a number of notable milestones, including:

  • Partnerships: We partnered with quantity surveyor partners, Asset Reports, to build in value engineering and accurate cost forecasting to our condition reports.
  • Technology: We developed an app that not only standardises all parts of our strata inspections but delivers industry-leading reports that are easy to understand, yet information-rich.
  • Compliance: We had our Condition Reports and Maintenance Plans reviewed by Sean Macfarlane, Special Counsel with Lavan Legal, who confirmed our reports fully comply with the Strata Titles Regulations (2019).

It is with a full heart that we give thanks to our expert team of specialist building consultants and dedicated support staff. Without their commitment and tireless energy, we would not have been able to achieve our mission of improving the world of our strata clients.

Dedicating ourselves to innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement, we thank SCAWA for recognising our work throughout 2020 and look forward to what 2021 (and beyond) will bring.

Interested in a 10-20 Year Maintenance Plan for your Strata?

Head on over to our Strata Website, and complete the request for quotation form today, or alternatively get in touch with Anne at our office to discuss your unique requirements.