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Is Surrounding Construction Affecting Your Home?

Is Surrounding Construction Affecting Your Home?

A Dilapidation Report Perth is of upmost importance when your property has been affected by surrounding construction works. If you are experiencing issues (e.g. cracking) with your home as a consequence of surrounding works, you are entitled to have these issues resolved/repaired. The problems arise when you do not have a Dilapidation Report and you have no evidence of damage that can be compared to any additional damage at the end of neighbouring works.

So, What is a Dilapidation Report?

A dilapidation report is a comprehensive statement of the current condition of a property prior to nearby construction work, excavation or demolition. Ideally, a Dilapidation Inspection takes place before any work commences, to get a true indication of the condition of the property. This should include measurements, photos and diagrams that set a baseline state of a property BEFORE construction work is done. They are normally signed by both the owner of the property and the and contractor that is about to start work.

Dilapidation Reports Perth Building Inspections

The cracking in the photo may or may not be able to be attributed to neighbouring construction work, the key is to have evidence prior to works starting as baseline evidence.

Any works undertaken on surrounding properties or even on the roads and drainage at the front of your home have the potential to damage your property.

Demolition, excavation and compaction works shake the ground and can cause cracking and other possible structural damage.  The closer or larger the works, the more chance for significant damage to your home.

Ideally the builder has approached you and asked to identify current issues with your property before they start work (this is a Dilapidation Report). You should then undertake your own, independent inspection and this is where Home Integrity can help by providing a report that comply with the Australian Standard (AS 4349. 1).

Without this document, proving that any cracking/damage to your property was caused by neighbouring works and were not a pre-existing issue can be frustrating and difficult. It is never too late to undertake a Building Inspection to document the condition, however the earlier the better as no doubts may be cast as to the cause.

A Dilapidation Report is a report on the condition of your home at a specific time. They are normally undertaken prior to works being undertaken on surrounding properties and are just as useful for the builders as they are for homeowners.

Reports include photos and descriptions of existing damage to the property before surrounding building works have started. This includes:

  • Cracking to floors, walls and ceiling
  • Evidence of cracking/subsidence to both the residence and surrounding paving/hard landscaping.
  • Cracks to tiled areas
  • Movement and cracking to retaining walls
  • Doors and window that may not operate smoothly
  • Movement and cracking to fencing

Ideally, the same inspection company will undertake a Dilapidation Report at the beginning of surrounding works and also on completion.  Evidence of any adverse effects on your home from surrounding works will then be easy to identify and can be presented to responsible parties.    

The clarity of this detailed record will certainly assist you in avoiding costly disputes and possibly even litigation, as a result of damage caused by neighbouring works undertaken by others.  

Dilapidation Reports Perth Building Inspections

In the retaining building above, impact from construction works to rear caused subsidence and cracking.  Given that no Dilapidation Report was undertaken (and the older age of the retaining wall), sadly there was no opportunity to have this wall repaired.


If you need a Dilapidation Report we can take care of everything fast. Get in touch here, or contact the team at Home Integrity directly on 0420 803 292 or via email to admin@homeintegrity.com.au as we’ll be more than happy to help you be on the front foot!


Meth Testing – Have You Bought a Meth House?

Meth Testing – Have You Bought a Meth House?

So you’ve just found your dream home or perhaps snapped up the bargain of the century to add to your investment portfolio. Great layout, beautiful street with schools nearby. Then you after chatting to your new neighbour they mention, “didn’t you know that the person who lived there before you was arrested because they were dealing meth?”


The residue left behind after smoking and/or cooking Methamphetamine can make you and your family sick, very sick. As a parent you really don’t want that sick feeling in your stomach, knowing that your family has been exposed to toxic and potentially harmful Methamphetamine residue.

Methamphetamine contamination is an invisible danger that hides in the kitchens, on the walls and in air-vents. This means a home can present as neat, tidy and safe but without a Meth Test to confirm the home is safe, a visual inspection alone may not be adequate to safeguard you and your family.

The cost involved to remediate a home in which Meth has been cooked can run in to the tens of thousands as cleaning alone cannot remove the residue left behind.

If you have any suspicion or just want to be sure, Rapid Methamphetamine Testing is available. Our specialised testing process can determine if Meth has been smoked and/or cooked in a home. We have inspections to suit all size homes and can arrange laboratory testing to confirm any positive tests.

We have completed many Meth Test Inspections across the Perth and Peel regions with mixed findings. If you are looking for peace of mind and don’t want any surprises Book a Meth Test Inspection with us today. Email us on admin@homeintegrity.com.au, or call Anne on 0420 803 292.

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Like everyone, we are waiting to see how the COVID-19 situation will unfold. At Home Integrity, our priorities are keeping people safe and at this stage we are continuing on with business as usual.

We know how important it is to act quickly to have inspections completed within the shortest timeframe possible, and keep everyone in the loop with progress updates. We are doing everything we can to maintain our usual processes, while providing a safe environment for our inspectors and everyone they come in contact with.

We have been following the information released by the Commonwealth Department of Health and ask that for any inspections, if you are aware of anyone that our Inspectors may come into contact with during their inspections have travelled oversea or are showing the flu-like symptoms associated with COVID-19 that you immediately contact our office.

Our inspectors will continue to conduct their inspections and are taking the necessary precautions when entering homes. They will also be practising social distancing (no high fives at the end of an inspection I’m afraid!).

If you have any queries about what we are doing in respect to COVID-19, or we can assist you in any way with regards to inspections, email us at admin@homeintegrity.com.au http://homeintegrity.ontraport.com/o?ih=P_P_s_Lvg_vj_hzf_sH0_6ixhwx_sKQzHig6Ds_P_P or call Anne on 08 6118 4942 or 0420 803 292.

Practical Completion Building Inspections

Practical Completion Building Inspections

Building a new home should be one of the most exciting times of your life!  It is also likely your largest investment and this can be daunting – and a little scary at the same time. A thorough Practical Completion Inspection is crucial to remove any fears you may have at the end of construction.

After your design and specification are done and your colours/selections are complete you are well on your way! But now your home is at the Practical Completion stage. How do you know it has been built to the appropriate standards and tolerances? If you have already undertaken staged building inspections, you will have a better understanding of the process and potential pitfalls that can sour your experience, but you will also be more prepared for Practical Completion and the final inspection.

If you haven’t undertaken staged inspections, it’s not too late.  A Practical Completion Inspection is critical to ensure your dream home is finished to the level and  standard you expected.

Brand New First Home Owner home.
It may be at practical completion, but is it really ready to hand over?

The Importance of Maintaining the Relationship with Your Builder at Practical Completion

The relationship between a builder and a homeowner is a complex one lasting over 12 months, has had highs and lows, and is rarely perfect.

All homes can have errors and defects that are not picked up until Practical Completion. Worse still, if they are not picked until after your handover, where do you stand?

It primarily depends on whether it is a defect or not. However, what if there was damage that wasn’t picked up or it just hadn’t been cleaned to a professional standard at handover? In this case, your options are limited – how can you prove that the window wasn’t dented or the door wasn’t scratched when you were moving in. These are the questions that will be asked by your builder and if it wasn’t noted at a practical completion inspection, your chances of having these issued remedied will be limited.

Following are a few examples of typical issues found during a Practical Completion Inspection. Whilst some are defects that would have to be fixed regardless, I think we would all prefer to move into our new home with minimal work or chasing up to be done.These photos are all from a brand-new home inspected by Home Integrity.

Remember, your builder’s aim is certainly not to build you a sub-standard home. Building is a complex process and having someone on your side at the practical completion stage to capture relevant issues is a comforting thought.

Top and bottom of doors not painted – would you have thought to check these?

Handle missing  –  if not captured now, who really lost it?

The kitchen sink waste is leaking.

Poor silicone under freestanding/feature bath.

Poor tiling finish and didn’t your contract specify mitred corners?

Ducting to exhaust fans complete? I don’t think so!

Level of cleaning is below par.


This dented window frame is hard Your problem if not found and listed at Practical Completion Inspection.

What to expect from a Practical Completion Inspection Report

The best option to ensure your new home is finished to the correct standard, tolerance and most importantly, to your contract specifications and overall compliance, is to undertake a professional Practical Completion Inspection.

Your Building Inspector will attend site, undertake an extensive number of measurements and checks and report on any defects along with the general condition and standard of the build. 

A typical Practical Completion Inspection will cover all areas of the home including interior, exterior, roof void and complete roof cover areas. All electrical and plumbing will be checked, as will cabinetry, tiling, doors/finish carpentry, painting and all other finishes/workmanship. Even down to the level of cleanliness. As an example, even a simple paint splatter shouldn’t have to be cleaned up by you prior to moving in.

This extensive list can be presented to builder as a record and part of the practical completion/handover process, to document the final step in your journey.

In this bathroom the fall of the drain in the shower was not compliant. 
Over time, this would have led to damage to surrounding elements and possibly flooding. This is not a simple fix with all tiling to be removed, re-waterproofed and re-screeded. Tiles would have to relaid before replacing shower screen. This would have major impact when you are living in the new home – Certainly better to capture defects like this early!

How to get Home Integrity to do your Practical Completion Inspection

At Home Integrity, our Practical Completion Inspections are thorough and easy to read. We work with you as new homeowners to minimise your concerns and stress, and liaise with the builders to ensure all details are dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

If you are in the process of building a new home and would like to know how Home Integrity can ensure you receive the best product possible, please click here or phone Anne on 6118 4942 or 0420 803 292. 

What are the chances of a termite attack?

What are the chances of a termite attack?

Don’t Let Your Home be the 1 in 5!

What are the chances of a termite attack? You may have seen the adverts on TV about brick built homes being termite proof. Well, the bricks may well be, but we’ve seen many a cavity in brick constructed homes with termite damage to floors, architraves and wardrobes. Of course there are other factors that can make your house more susceptible to termite attack, including…

  • Increased moisture around and under your home
  • Construction faults that allow termites hidden, easy access
  • Leaks from the bathroom, laundry and kitchen


What are the chances of a termite attack? Do you know if your home suffers from these problems?

Most homeowners have building and contents insurance to protect against fire, flood and natural disaster. But here’s the rub – the chances of your home being attacked by termites is more than 12x greater than your home being damaged by fire… and termite damage is not covered by your home insurance! For most people, the family home is their biggest investment – not having regular termite inspections and a termite management plan is a big mistake.


Still not convinced? Check out these facts…

  • 80% of all Australian homes are withing 25m of a termite nest
  • Termites attack around 140,000 homes in Australia each year – that’s 1 home in every 150!!
  • It’s not just old homes that get attacked – the CSIRO report hat 1 in 5 homes will experience a termite problem within the first 5 years of construction!


A comprehensive Termite Inspection from Home Integrity inspects for termite activity and termite damage, as well as environmental conditions and building faults that increase the likelihood of a termite attack. The chances of a termite attack are much higher than you think. Don’t play Russian roulette with your home!

For peace of mind call Home Integrity today to book your comprehensive termite inspection. So to get a “Health Check” for your home just give us a call at Home Integrity and we’ll be around to carry out a comprehensive pest inspection Perth. What is a pest inspection? Click here to find out more.