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Why do I Need Annual Termite Inspections

Protect your home and family with fast and cost-effective Annual Termite Inspections

Annual termite inspections are recommended by governments around Australia, building authorities and Australian Standards. But why?

  • CSIRO estimates that at least 1 in 5 homes will suffer a termite attack at some point in their lifetime and new homes and metal framed homes are not immune!
  • The average repair bill for termite damage is around $10,000, but often it can be $100,000 or more and sometimes the home even has to be demolished
  • Damage as a result of termite activity is not covered by your home insurance

Basically, the chances of a termite attack are high in Australia and the resulting damage repair costs can be significant.


But why do I need Annual Termite Inspections?

Termite damage to wooden pillar

Termite damage to wooden pillar

The recommended frequency of an inspection of once a year is somewhat arbitrary. If an inspection indicates that a property has low termite pressure, no conditions that make a termite attack more likely, and no construction flaws, the chance of a termite attack within the next year is relatively low. But if the termite pressure is high or the property has conditions conducive to termite activity, then the chances of a termite attack increase significantly. In such circumstances more frequent termite inspections – every 6 months or even more frequently – may be recommended. However, there is no reason why termites cannot attack a property within days of a termite inspection.  This means they could be eating away at your house and doing significant damage before the next inspection. This is why an inspector will always recommend that a termite management system – a soil treatment or termite monitoring/baiting
system – should also be installed to prevent termites from accessing the property without being noticed.

What will the termite inspection tell me?

Annual termite inspection

Annual termite inspection carried out by Home Integrity

Professional annual termite inspections cover every room in each building on the property (as long as there is safe access).  And also the land within the property boundary, up to 30 metres from the main building. The report will detail:

  • Any areas of termite activity
  • Areas of termite damage
  • Conditions conducive to a termite attack
  • Construction issues that may facilitate termite entry

If termites are present, a treatment proposal will be provided. Any issues to be corrected should be remedied as soon as possible to reduce the chances of a termite attack in the future.

Termite inspections – a ‘Health Check” for your home

Termite nest material in wall and roof

Termite nest material in wall and roof

A termite inspection can be viewed as complementary to your building insurance and in many ways, it really is a health check on your home. A termite inspector will go to the dark nooks and crannies where many homeowners fear to tread, such as the roof void and sub-floor. Not only does an inspection determine whether the home is under attack from termites, but identifying building issues such as roof leaks, holes in gutters and drainage problems, provides the property owner with valuable information necessary to maintain the home in good condition. So to get a “Health Check” for your home just give us a call at Home Integrity.  We’ll be around to carry out a comprehensive pest inspection in Perth. What is a pest inspection? Click here to find out more.