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Here are Home Integrity’s 6 Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

As the nights begin to get cooler and the sun starts to set earlier, we know that summer is drawing to a close.  The doonas will soon be out and we will see the change of seasons.  The beautiful colours of autumn will start to take over.

However, before winter sets in, there are some things that need to be done to keep your house looking smart.

  1. Organise summer gear.   Collect all the summer toys around the yard and give them a wash and clean and pack them away ready for next year.  Repair any toys that need fixing and throw away anything that is broken.
  2. Check your windows and doors for leaks. You want your house to stay dry in winter so check for any leaks around window and door frames. Reseal any gaps and make sure you keep the wind and cold out.
  3. Clean the gutters. Make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris and will be able to withstand the action of winter. You might need some help but it is really important to make sure your gutters are clear so they don’t block up and force water back into your house.
  4. Replace broken tiles.  Check the roof for any broken tiles or worn out seals particularly around vent pipes or chimneys. Replace any tiles and fix any seals to prevent leaks.  You may need to enlist some help from the professionals on this but it is important to follow up.
  5. Clean your vents and check your air-conditioning system.   They need to be clean before you shut them off for winter.  This will make sure they are functioning properly when you turn them on next summer.
  6. Check your fire alarms. We start to use heaters and fireplaces in winter so make sure your smoke alarms are working.  Replace the battery for peace of mind.

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